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 What the do when a new age has started

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What the do when a new age has started Empty
PostWhat the do when a new age has started

Ok folks as you can see will i help you with a simple basic off ROC.

First you will get some armor SELL IT ALL

then buy the UP ( unit production ) your TBG ( turn base gold ) that's what you will get every 30min

if you still have enough gold to spend then buy the spy and sentry upgrade just above the UP upgrade.

Dont buy from the first time heavy weapons, buth buy them small lighter weapons armed more men and you will do some damage.

then train some soldiers in you atack defense spy and sentry and give them some weapons to fight with.

The fun of the game is when you spy on yourself all of your weapons and stat's will be gone, buth don't worry they will come back.
Just log off and you will see what's happend nothing, you will have all off your weapons back.

I do that all the time it's very funny try it when the age is running.

If there are still some qeustions just ask them and i will give you a answer as soon as possible

Greetz Airwolf
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What the do when a new age has started

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